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You are in the correct forum for questions, problems and suggestions. In addition to official support, you get assistance from other users here. Please observe the rules!

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Rules in the Support Forum
We ask that you adhere to these simple rules to make the support forum pleasant, clear and helpful for all users.

Rules specifically for the Clanplanet forum:
  • Do not search for members in this forum. Please use the want ads.
  • No war requests in the forum. There are want ads and site lists for that.
  • The CP team does not interfere in "clan events" - See Community Rules. This includes incorrectly recorded clan war outcomes, disputes among clan members / clan leaders, and the poaching of clan members.
  • Anyone who criticizes the designs and presentations of others should do so in a friendly manner, so that the other can benefit from such feedback (e.g., tips for improvement). We ask you to remember that we have both beginners and advanced designers.
  • Please use the FAQ section and the search function of the forum before you ask a question.
Still applicable...
  • New Topics: Please give topics meaningful headings so that everyone understands them.
  • Please do not bring up old topics, unless it is really necessary (note the last post).
  • Issues that have nothing to do with Clanplanet always belong in Off Topic.
  • Replies to posts must make sense and be topic-related (do not spam!)
  • Do not insult other users or clans.
  • Anyone who unnecessarily inflames a discussion or is partly responsible for the emergence of a dispute, can be blocked for a limited time.
The CP team reserves the right to close or delete topics for failure to comply with the rules. The CP team reserves the right to block users for limited periods for violations. For regular or severe violations, users may even be blocked permanently.
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