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Please note!
Please make certain that when logging in on the upper left of the clan and guild sites that the URL (and no other address) appears in the browser bar on the login page.

For more information about security
  • Clanplanet logins are only available on the following pages: On this login page, on the Clanplanet portal site, and in the forums on the channel page. There are no logins on the clan and guild sites themselves. If you should find one there, please do not use it because it is not ours.
  • Do not give your password to anyone. If someone offers to help you on the website (e.g., create a design), do not give him or her your password, but only the necessary privileges on the website for his/her own account. Do not give anyone more rights than s/he needs to help!
  • If you receive PM news from Clanplanet employees, these are displayed in the message list with a blue or red exclamation mark before the title of the message. If this is not available, the sender is not one of our employees.
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