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1@ Big Funny Team11761809.07.2012
3Advanced Recon Commando'8053804.02.2012
4German Death Angels6641026.12.2013
5German Ghost Army6121721.08.2012
6TEAM WOLFS ELITE5114006.12.2016
7Rudel weiße Wölfe4948112.09.2013
8Legion 694422012.06.2013
9The Patriots4402119.07.2012
10High Aggressive Teamplay Elite3303025.08.2015
1Rudel weiße Wölfe8149412.09.2013
2TEAM WOLFS ELITE4051106.12.2016
3Advanced Recon Commando'3880504.02.2012
4Warriors of the Ruins311510.09.2019
5High Aggressive Teamplay Elite3033025.08.2015
6Winniepuuhs Einsatztruppe251022.11.2019
8The Patriots2144019.07.2012
9Legion 692044212.06.2013
10Dettens eSports Clan201028.10.2019
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Legion of Death Gamer Community
Clan with 8 Members

Clan with 10 Members
platform CoD: Call of Duty

IX Legion Germany
Clan with 8 Members
platform World of Tanks

Hells Angles Germany
Guild with 3 Members

Clan with 3 Members
platform World of Tanks

Clan with 9 Members
platform Rainbow Six: Siege

Clan with 3 Members
platform CoD: Modern Warfare (2019)
platform CoD: WWII

The Satanic Demons
Clan with 11 Members
platform Rainbow Six: Siege
platform CoD: CoD 4 - Modern Warfare
platform GTA V
platform Die Sims 4
platform Minecraft

insane online Gamers
Clan with 3 Members
platform Battlefield 4
platform Tom Clancy's The Division 2
platform Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Clan with 5 Members
platform CoD: Black Ops IIII
platform CoD: Modern Warfare (2019)