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1@ Big Funny Team11711809.07.2012
2Xbox Senioren im Trend6891107.01.2011
3German Death Angels6693526.12.2013
4German Ghost Army6151821.08.2012
5La Familia5931608.09.2011
6Rudel weiße Wölfe5014212.09.2013
7G3RMAN K1LLZON3450605.10.2010
8Legion 694282112.06.2013
9The Patriots417819.07.2012
10THE DEVIL FIGHTERS3995606.12.2016
1THE DEVIL FIGHTERS5639906.12.2016
2Rudel weiße Wölfe4250112.09.2013
3German Death Angels3566926.12.2013
4High Aggressive Teamplay Elite3430125.08.2015
5Old Gen is better than new gen312322.06.2018
7Legion 692142812.06.2013
8@ Big Funny Team18117109.07.2012
9German Ghost Army1861521.08.2012
10La Familia1659308.09.2011
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Clan with 4 Members
platform CoD 15 Black Ops IIII

Blue Turtle Gaming
Clan with 5 Members
platform CoD 15 Black Ops IIII (Hardcore)

Clan with 3 Members
platform Fortnite Battle Royale

Evolve Gaming
Clan with 13 Members
platform Rocket League

Shadow Blood Warriors
Clan with 4 Members
platform Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Clan with 3 Members
platform Battlefield 4

Der Wolfsrudel
Clan with 3 Members
platform CoD 15 Black Ops IIII

Alliance with 3 Members
platform Atlantica Online

DeltaForce und Rubberducks
Alliance with 4 Members
platform Operation: New Earth

Clan with 17 Members