Ħeaven vs Ħell
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Hey guys,
we're planning on doing another Clancup for you with a 20€ pricepool

It will be next sunday (14th jaunary), and start at 5pm CEST

so let me know in the comments, on whatsapp or ingame if you want to compete, thx

gl hf

Clanmeeting Teamspeak!!

We make a Discord Clanmeeting again !

At 28.January 18:00Uhr

We talk over the last News and more..
-Alpha League
-Elite Squad



December is close!!!

HvsH wünscht Dir ne schöne Weihnachtszeit.Dezember haben Wir Alles abgesagt wegen Familie etc.Hoffe bist wie immer am Start wenne Bock hast=).Gruß Demon

Merry X -MAS!!!
HVSH do nothing on the X-Mas time.Have a good Time with ur family!!

HvsH Clan Cup 2017

Sunday 01.10.2017
17:00 CEST.The Winner becomes a Battle.net over 20,00€

The Cup is over Now!!!

And the WINNER is................EARENDIL. Congrats !!
THX 4 Play


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