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Community Activity

1Hardcore Division Germany21844720.08.2011
2The German Navy Seals20373923.02.2010
3Division 30019961421.03.2009
4The German Devils11803321.01.2008
5German Fighters of Darkness10421212.06.2010
6a Big Funny Team9568809.07.2012
9Söhne Wotans8082125.12.2011
10Hash Design7591727.06.2012
1a Big Funny Team8895609.07.2012
2Advanced Recon Commando'6946304.02.2012
5HighDefinition Der Fun Clan !!!4738207.01.2011
6Hardcore Division Germany47218420.08.2011
7German Ghost Army4738621.08.2012
8H_3_H *** H_6_H *** H_9_H45018.02.2014
9Campers are Bastards!4232130.08.2013
10- German Death Angels -4137026.12.2013
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Clan with 5 Members

Clan with 5 Members

Clan with 5 Members
platform CoD 9 Black Ops 2

Clan with 8 Members
platform CoD 10 Ghosts
platform CoD 10 Ghosts (Hardcore)
platform Titanfall

Remember us eSports
Clan with 9 Members
platform CoD 8 MW3
platform CoD 9 Black Ops 2
platform CoD 10 Ghosts

Clan with 6 Members
platform Clash of Clans

Clan with 9 Members
platform CoD 7 Black Ops

German Hell Of Amok
Clan with 8 Members
platform Battlefield 3
platform Battlefield 4
platform CoD 10 Ghosts

{ eNaTRiiX }
Clan with 4 Members
platform CoD 7 Black Ops

youra Xtreme
Clan with 4 Members