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1@ Big Funny Team11811809.07.2012
2German Death Angels6541026.12.2013
3German Eagle Fighter'5281106.12.2016
4Rudel weiße Wölfe4825112.09.2013
5Legion 694352012.06.2013
6The Patriots4181919.07.2012
7GsSA - God's Special Army 3171416.01.2011
8Team Luxembourg81601.02.2007
9OPEN GAMING MODZ20822.01.2022
10Warriors of the Ruins103410.09.2019
1Rudel weiße Wölfe5148212.09.2013
2Warriors of the Ruins341010.09.2019
3Legion 692043512.06.2013
4The Patriots1941819.07.2012
5@ Big Funny Team18118109.07.2012
6GsSA - God's Special Army 1431716.01.2011
7German Eagle Fighter'1152806.12.2016
8German Death Angels1065426.12.2013
9Support Deutsch9202.10.2005
10Romulan Empire8529.12.2020
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Clan with 8 Members
platform Rainbow Six: Siege

Die unterwürfigen Gürteltiere
Clan with 4 Members
platform CoD: Vanguard

Clan with 4 Members

Alliance with 4 Members
platform CoD: CoD 4 - Modern Warfare (Hardcore)
platform CoD: Black Ops Cold War
platform CoD: Vanguard
platform Battlefield 1
platform Battlefield V
platform Wreckfest

Spaß haben mit Schiffen
Clan with 5 Members
platform World of Warships

Terror Fun Opas
Clan with 7 Members
platform World of Warships

German Formula 1 Racing league
Clan with 5 Members
platform F1 2020

Martelli Clan
Clan with 3 Members
platform Red Dead Redemption 2

Wbr #500
Alliance with 3 Members
platform Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Guild with 3 Members
platform The Elder Scrolls Online