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10.08.2017 00:02 by XxR2Xx-PaarThuNnaXx

Nen Paar neue Trainingseinheiten :

Autor Name Schwierigkeit Code
1 MasonRL90 Basic Rebound Practice Silber 3DBA-229E-745C-429C
2 Lauridis Lauridis - Redirect Grand Champion BCD5-84FC-6884-3CAB
3 Kdium Freestyle Angle Shots Vol.2 Platin 5F4B-53F1-CC4C-A55E
4 Ryuu Tsubasa Redirects V1 Champion F22D-2A16-68BA-C6C7
5 Nasty Zjoon Freestyle Goals 2 Diamant 2D82-B92E-28AA-6B77
6 Dauntless Easy Backboard Rebound Shots Gold 2719-4FBA-A810-0B47
7 PLEXICRAFT Freestyle Confidence Booster Gold E5A4-4C29-BBCF-1F9D
8 SENS. | FER Sensitive Freestyle Training Platin 5A4C-C195-64C7-557A
9 Markydooda Awkward Shooties Champion 761E-8C2F-53CD-14F5

Dazu nen Minigame fürs Aerial Training. Benötigt werden 4 Spieler.

Video dazu :


Forum Aufbau

27.07.2017 22:56 by XxR2Xx-PaarThuNnaXx

Heyho, hab am Forum schon etwas gebastelt, daher lade ich euch alle dazu ein ,das Forum einmal zu durchstöbern und fleißig zu posten.
Können bestimmt ne menge spaß dort haben.

Natürlich auf freiwilliger basis.

Summer X Game Cup

14.07.2017 01:01 by XxR2Xx-PaarThuNnaXx

European teams: PS: IWANN LetsRoll
EnVyUs - remkoe, gReazymeister, Deevo
Flipsid3 Tactics - Kuxir97, MarkyDooda, Miztik
Gale Force Esports - Kaydop, ViolentPanda, TurboPolsa
The Leftovers - Snaski, Pwndx, Sikii
North American teams:
G2 Esports - Kronovi, Rizzo, JKnaps
NRG - Fireburner, Jacob, GarrettG
Rogue - Sizz, Matt, Turtle
Selfless - Torment, Dappur, Mijo

Day 1 - July 14:

12:30 CDT - Live!
12:45 CDT - Group A Semi Final #1 - Flipsid3 Tactics vs. Selfless
13:30 CDT - Group A Semi Final #2 - Gale Force vs. G2 Esports
14:15 CDT - Group A Upper Bracket Final
15:00 CDT - Group B Semi Final #1 - NRG vs. The Leftovers
15:45 CDT - Group B Semi Final #2 - EnVyUs vs. Rogue
16:30 CDT - Group B Upper Bracket Final
Day 2 - July 15:

12:30 CDT - Live!
12:45 CDT - Group A Lower Bracket Match
13:30 CDT - Group B Lower Bracket Match
14:15 CDT - Group A Lower Bracket Final
15:00 CDT - Group B Lower Bracket Final
Day 3 - July 16:
12:30 CDT - Live!
12:45 CDT - Semi Final #1
13:45 CDT - Semi Final #2
14:45 CDT - Grand Final

Der Stream Seite lautet wie folgt :


PATCH NOTES V1.36 (14.07.2017)

14.07.2017 00:28 by XxR2Xx-PaarThuNnaXx


[R2]»Casual Matches will no longer cancel if the server does not have enough players. Bots will once again fill slots for missing players

[R2]»The “Find Match” button on the Matchmaking menu can now be selected/highlighted, allowing you to search for a match by pressing A (Xbox) or Cross (PS4) when the button is selected

[R2]»Further optimized Supersonic Trails that were causing FPS and performance issues on some hardware

[R2]»Fixed a bug with Quick Chat that caused players to automatically say “Great Pass!” or other options instead of being able to select an intended chat option

[R2]»Fixed a bug where typing in Party Chat in the Main Menu would skip songs in the selected Playlist

[R2]»Reverted a change that caused Controller Vibration to be weaker since the Anniversary update

[R2]»The “Hide Competitive Divisions” option will now work correctly with the new Find Match menu

[R2]»Corrected a suspension issue with the Batmobile and Mantis that caused them to be more visually elevated than pre-Anniversary Update

[R2]»Fixed issues with the grass on Champions Field on Low and Medium Graphics settings

[R2]»Fixed a bug with Spectator cameras focusing on the center of the field after a goal is scored

[R2]»Fixed issue where an item’s quality was not being verified during a trade

[R2]»Reduced Car Engine volume relative to other sounds and made distant cars less audible

[R2]»Corrected timing on Champions Field Announcer narration

Community Spotlight: Start the Day with a Warmup

23.06.2017 15:13 by XxR2Xx-PaarThuNnaXx

Geil leute , bevor die neue Season anfängt gibt es für uns ein paar Codes um an unseren skill zu schrauben . Diesmal gibt es Codes für die PS4 , UND ein Update für das Workshop via. Steam....

Ich möchte euch diese hier vorstellen . Vorerst, hier die PS4 Codes :

Da das kopieren leicht am Failen is , da es in einer Tabelle ist und ich zu faul bin alles manuell zu tippen hier ein Bild ^^ sry

Nun für Steam ::

klickt mal auf den Link da seht ihr vorweg schonmal wie die Map aussieht.


Wenn ihr Im Workshop seid bei Steam heisst die Map wie folgt:
2d Rocket League v1
Abonnieren und LosSkillen

Schönes Wochenende euch , Euer Lets Roll Team

Killing Floor 2 - New Weekly Outbreak!

23.06.2017 14:50 by XxR2Xx-PaarThuNnaXx

MOIN ! ! ! !

-Am 27.06.2017 und an anderen tagen ( Tage siehe unten )
findet eine kleine abwechslung statt in Killing Floor . Z.b am 27.06 schrumpfen alle Zeds für diesen Tag , sodass es schwiergier wird sie zu treffen

-Am 04.07.2017 werden alle Köpfe der Zeds kleiner , sodass es schwieriger ist die Köpfe zu treffen.

-Das waren nur beispiele, alle "Mods " wie ich grade beschrieben habe findet ihr nun hier drunter .

-Ps : Die Killing Floor Summer Sideshow wird es diesen Sommer auch für die Ps4 geben ( Geiiiillll)

- Euer Lets Roll Team ! ! ! Over and Out -------->

une 27 - Tiny Terror - A small threat is still a threat.

Shooting Zeds in this outbreak will cause them to shrink, making them harder to hit.

July 4 - Bobble Zed - ...that must hurt their necks.

Something went horribly wrong with this batch of Zeds and their heads are wwwaaaayyyyyyy larger than normal! Huge even!

July 11 – Poundemonium - All Fleshpounds, all the time. Almost.

The Fleshpound Convention is in town!

July 18 - Up, Up and Decay - Try to make ninety-nine Zed balloons.

Shooting Zeds in this outbreak will cause them to inflate like balloons, even to the point of floating away and popping!

July 25 - Zed Time - All the Zed Time in the world.

Ever think that life is passing you by? Not in this outbreak! You'll be in Zed Time any time you're near a Zed.

August 1 – Beefcake - Bigger they are, harder you fall.

In this outbreak, Zeds increase their health, size, and reach when they hit players or are affected by certain Zed abilities.

August 8 – Boom - Zeds under pressure; may explode.

Maybe it was something they ate? Bad gas? Whatever it was, Zeds explode when killed in this outbreak.

NOTE – Killing Floor 2: Summer Sideshow along with the Weekly Outbreaks will also be coming to the PS4 Pro & PS4 later this Summer.
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