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March 14 - Clan fight vs GoT:

28.03.2023 00:09 by Jagr127
(GoT)=Current Arena Champ & *BGE>=Current Rok Champion

  • 2:3 in Arena for GoT (Gz!!)
  • 5:2 in Rok for BGE

Close matches! GGs, We had fun !
Thanks Vis for the videos!


BGE vs GoT score: 20:18
BGE vs GoT score: 20:17 BGE vs GoT score: 40:37 BGE vs GoT score: 20:13


BGE vs GoT score: 2:3


12.03.2023 14:23 by Jagr127
No idea about the score xD This was more like a warm-up
for the real CF, as -=) Crazy (=- left... We won some, GoT won some games. GGs

a CF Warm-Up... / Foreplay

12.03.2023 12:39 by Jagr127
Ok, the CF didn't go as planned lol. Mixa was at the birthday party, the match started 1 hour late, Crazy was not happy with a missing arm (texture/core problem) & ping + speed. Crazy could not take it but we others had a nice 2 vs 2, GoT kept switching players after ea map. GGs guys. Let's do a real CF very soon

warmup warmup1 warmup0

Liquid Death

11.03.2023 18:55 by Jagr127
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