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Patch Notes

18.09.2020 22:24 by Piediii

Known Issues

Rage of Bel

Rage of Bel insurgencies are having timing issues across all platforms. We have identified the problem and hope to get a fix out next week.

Mount Update

Due to some late changes, some mount tooltips may be inaccurate in French, German, and Russian locales.

Zariel’s Favor

When opening the reward chest at the end of Valindra’s Tower while it’s a weekly challenge, the error text “You have reached the limit for obtaining: Zariel’s Favor” appears. This does not prevent the character from gaining the appropriate value of Favor.


The Mount Upgrade Pack should once again be available from the Reward Claims Agent after this patch is live.

Release Notes

Content and Environment

Redeemed Citadel

Characters can no longer incorrectly complete weekly Favor challenges before they’ve completed the quest, A Mote of Virtue.

Combat and Powers


Runic Aura: This passive power now properly adds Combined Ratings to the character who equips it.

Items and Economy

Mount Collars

Practical Crescent Collar III now properly gives 6% Gold Bonus, up from 5%.


King of Spines: This mount is no longer super noisy, particularly from a huge distance away.
More mounts now properly have an extra prompt upon attempting to discard them.

Redeemed Citadel

High-quality drops from Hunt targets can now properly be assigned when using the “Party Leader Decides” loot mode.

Zen Market

VIP: Players with VIP Rank 8 and above should once again properly be able to post to the Auction House without incurring fees.

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