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Die Sucht Lappen
Clan with 4 Members

Inovation Gaming
Clan with 5 Members
platform CoD 12 Black Ops III (Hardcore)

Clan with 17 Members

Die wilden Nacht Eulen
Clan with 3 Members

The Shadow Knights
Guild with 19 Members
platform Echo of Soul

SillyMateFun Crew
Clan with 3 Members
platform CoD 12 Black Ops III

Play Nation Networks Team Dashboard
Clan with 3 Members
platform ARMA 3
platform ARMA 2
platform DayZ

German Fight Soldiers
Clan with 9 Members
platform Battlefield 1
platform FIFA 16
platform Overwatch
platform GTA V
platform GTA V
platform Rocket League
platform Rocket League

Clan with 11 Members
platform CoD 8 MW3

Los Locos
Clan with 4 Members
platform CoD 10 Ghosts